Polyamorous Dating In Australia

Where does a polycurious or polyamorous person get started if they want to find like-minded people to connect with, or a polyamorous relationship in the land down under? The best place to start is to sign up to our poly dating online site, www.polyfinda.com or search for the PolyFinda app in your app store. There are thousands of people across Australia and around the world seeking the same!

Meetup and Facebook are good ports of call, too, with public polyamory groups in most capital cities. In Melbourne you can check out our site on Meetup, Melbourne Polyamorous Meetup (Singles/Couples/Poly). In Brisbane, look up Brisbane Poly People on Meetup, and in Sydney, have a look at Sydney Polyamory on Facebook. It’s a bit tougher for you regional members of our Australian polyamorous community to find a poly relationship or lover.  Check out PolyFi, “an online community for polyamorous folk in regional Australia” published by Polyamory Resources Australia (PolyOz). It’s a site dedicated to rural polyamorists, with links and resources and events (including poly speed dating!) for those polyamory Australia folks outside of the main cities. “One of the problems that we have in spreading the message about polyamory in regional Australia,” states the site, “is that most folks in ‘the bush’ don’t have decent internet access.” To counteract this, PolyFi is looking into podcasts as a way to share Australian polyamorous information.

Wherever you are, trusty apps like Tinder, Grindr and Feeld are a good place for dating in polyamory Australia, as is OkCupid, the online dating behemoth which has just added a polyamorous function to their search.

Finally, those seeking to learn about, or practise something, a bit sexier can check out international organisation, Killing Kittens, who have established their parties for the “sexual elite” all over Australia or the Swingers Dating Guide which has links to swinging parties all over Australia.

What are your tips for polyamorous dating in Australia? Know any great spots, sites or apps? Leave it in the comments!

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