PolyFinda.com International Dating Website


It can be difficult for polyamorous people when using regular dating websites. Often they’ll be quickly rejected once confessions of a polyamorous lifestyle are made. We’ve created a website specifically for polyamorous people and those interested in other forms of ethical non-monogamy. You can join free here www.polyfinda.com today and find other polyamorous people living near you or anywhere else in the world. Better still, install our PolyFinda polyamorous dating app at one of these links.

Install the iOS App

Install the Android App

PolyamorousNetwork.com Australian Polyamorous Network


It’s often not easy being polyamorous and it’s great to be part of a community who understands. Australian Polyamorous Network is a free public social network where poly people can interact and come together online or face to face at one of the many social gatherings in bars and parties throughout Australia. You can join free here www.polyamorousnetwork.com today and receive invitations to polyamorous events in Australia.

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